Itlong, Larry, 1913-1977

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Event: "Larry Itliong: The Farm Labor Organizer Who Changed the World." Blog entry
United Farm Workers Agbayani Village: Retirement Living for Filipino Farm Workers Blog entry
(197) Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, c. 1970s Image
(221) Portrait, Larry Itliong, 1960s Image
(273) Larry Itliong, Portrait, Delano, California,1969 Image
(274) Portrait of Larry Itliong Image
(275) Larry Itliong surveys a picket line Image
(276) Larry Itliong speaking at unknown event Image
(277) Profile of Larry Itliong Image
(319) Andy Imutan, Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, and Robert Kennedy Image
(319) Sen. Robert Kennedy, Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, and Andy Imutan, Delano, California Image
(362) Walter Reuther marches with striking farm workers Image
(362) Walter Reuther, Larry Itliong, Cesar Chavez, California Image
(3243) Cesar Chavez, Itliong Testimonial Celebration, 1971. Image
(7445) Larry Itliong and Dick Ginnold speak with Brazilian farm workers Image
(7446) Larry Itliong Image
(7447) Larry Itliong, Al Green, Delano, California, 1965. Image
(7448) Pete Velasco, Larry Itliong, and Cesar Chavez, 1968 Image
(7449) A meeting between UFW officers and Ron Dellams Image
(11530) UAW, UFW, Grape Boycott, Long Beach, California Image
(37198) UFW, Staff, Orendain, Itlion, Huerta, Chavez, Delano, 1969 Image
(38271) Itliong, Wurf, Chavez Image
(46006) Walter Reuther Giving Speech Image
(46009) AWOC Event Image
Dawn Mabalon on UFW labor organizer Larry Itliong – Part 1 Podcasts
Dawn Mabalon on UFW labor organizer Larry Itliong – Part 2 Podcasts
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