Shanker, Albert

(24778) Albert Shanker, United Federation of Teachers, Local 2, AFT Image
(27793) Benjamin Hooks Receiving AFT's Annual Human Rights Award Image
(27794) Senator Ted Kennedy, Albert Shanker, 1980 AFT Convention Image
(27797) Paul Cole, Liv Ullman, AFT President Albert Shanker, 1980 AFT Convention Image
(27796) Nat LaCour, Lane Kirkland, AFT President Albert Shanker Image
(27812) Rev. Ernest Gibson Receives the AFT Human Rights Award Image
(27814) AFT President Albert Shanker being questioned by the media Image
(27921) Congressional Testimony Image
(27999) Albert Shanker and Lech Walesa Image
(28000) Albert Shanker, Lane Kirkland, Andrei Sakarov, William Thorne Image
(28001) Albert Shanker and Nelson Mandela Image
(28002) Albert Shanker at the 1990 AFL-CIO Convention Image
(28003) Kazimieras Uoka, Don Slaiman, Sergei Grigoryants, Albert Shanker, Morton Bahr and Pal Forgacs Image
(28004) Albert Shanker, AFL-CIO General Board Meeting Image
(28005) Albert Shanker Image
(28006) Albert Shanker and Lane Kirkland Image
(28007) Albert Shanker and George Meany Image
(28008) George Meany and Albert Shanker Image
(29036) Hugh Carey, Thomas Hobart, Albert Shanker Image
(29038) Charlie Cogen, Albert Shanker and Alice Marsh Image
(29039) March for Solidarity, Yonkers Federation of Teachers Image
(29040) AFT President Albert Shanker Addresses NYSUT Image
(29041) Yonkers Teacher Josephine Iandoli Receives Retroactive Paycheck Image
(29081) Affilation Agreement between the Association of Pennsylvania State Colleges and the Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers Image
(29154) Senator Edward Kennedy and AFT President Albert Shanker Image
(29708) Albert Shanker, Bob Hope Image
(29786) Victory of the Public Employee Federation Image
(29787) Albert Shanker, Public Employee Federation Image
(29802) Lane Kirkland, Kathryn Kobb, Albert Shanker Image
(29818) National Day of Action to Protest Education Budget Cuts Image
(29825) Albert Shanker speaking at the 1984 Democratic National Convention Image
(30374) AFT President Albert Shanker talking to Loretta Johnson Image
(30377) AFT President Albert Shanker speaks at the Paraprofessionals and School Related Personnel Conference Image
(30814) Albert Shanker, Abraham D. Beame, New York City Image
(30815) Albert Shanker, Mayor Ed Koch Image
(31287) President Jimmy Carter and Edward McElroy Image
(31290) Walter Mondale, Albert Shanker and Edward McElroy Image
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