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(34067) Jeffrey Tambor as Julius Caesar, 1968-1969Image
(34071) Stefanie Caloia, AFSCME Archivist, Reuther Library Staff, 2016Image
(34342) Wayne University; Commencement , Detroit, Michigan, 1948Image
(34389) Buildings, State Hall, Dedication, 1949Image
(34390) Buildings, State Hall Groundbreaking, 1946Image
(43491) Buildings, State Hall, Groundbreaking, 1946Image
(35147) Lily Tomlin receives honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Wayne State UniversityImage
(35849) Portrait, Dr. Edgar Schuler, Anthropology, Sociology, 1950sImage
(35850) Portrait, Dr. Edgar Schuler, Anthropology, Sociology, 1957Image
(35991) Braille Campus Map, 1969Image
(35993) Archery Warm-up before Michigan Wheelchair Games, 1968Image
(36033) American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, circa 1980s.Image
(36711) Detroit Junior College, Athletics, Basketball Team, 1918-1919Image
(36736) Detroit Junior College, Athletics, Cunningham, 1920sImage
(36739) Sports, Track and Field, Tolmich, 1937Image
(37290) Association of Black Students, Jackson State College Fundraiser, 1970Image
(37312) Groudbreaking Ceremony, Eugene Applebaum, Irvin Reid, 1998Image
(38392) Portrait, Shae Rafferty, 2018Image
(38393) Dworkin, Anthony Wayne Award, 1972Image
(38394) Dworkin, Campus Beautification, 1970sImage
(38395) Dr. Rice, Dr. Reid Rice, India, 1950sImage
(38397) Dr. Rice, Dr. Reid Rice, India, 1953Image
(38398) Portrait, Strassel, UAW Archivist, 2018Image
(38426) Dr. Cornelius GolightlyImage
(38427) Dr. Cornelius Golightly and colleaguesImage
(38593) Wayne State University, Centennial MaceImage
(38594) Wayne State University, Centennial MaceImage
(46494) Portraits, Aliqae Geraci, 2010sImage
(46505) Portrait, Roberta McBride, 1960sImage
(46557) Mondale, Woodcock Wing, Reuther Library, 1991Image
(46558) Mondale, Woodcock Wing, Reuther Library, 1991Image
(49542) Portrait, Dr. Henry O. Walker, Harper HospitalImage
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