(46788) AFSCME Washington Council 28 signatures delivered by helicopter

Six individuals stand in front of a helicopter, which is partially out of the frame. One person holds a large bunch of papers that are curling at the edges. This image appears in the September 1960 issue of AFSCME's Public Employee magazine, with the caption: "Members of Washington State Employees Council 28 deliver the final batch of 2,000 signatures for Initiative 207 to the state capitol by helicopter to insure that a maximum number were filed before the deadline. From left are Council 28 treasurer Don Hall; Local 443 member Joe Lewis, who as state capitol gardener arranged for the landing of the helicopter on state grounds; Council president NB Crippen; Secretary of State Victor A. Meyers, who received the petitions; Council Executive Secretary Norm Schut, holding the petitions, and Field Rep Bob Henry." Initiative 207 passed, establishing the civil service system, along with collective bargaining rights, for state employees.

(46788) AFSCME Washington Council 28 signatures delivered by helicopter
Merle Junk, commercial photographer, Olympia