United Farm Workers of America (UFW)

 United Farm Workers of America (U.F.W. Logo image)

The United Farm Workers of America is the most influential farm-labor union in America. Founded in southern California, in the small San Joaquin Valley agricultural town of Delano in 1962, and led by Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and others, the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) has ceaselessly battled some of the most powerful forces in the agribusiness industry in an attempt to organize farm laborers, raise wages and improve working conditions. Currently Teresa Romero, former Secretary-Treasurer, heads the UFW and continues to work to organize farm workers.

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(342) Children work alongside adults in the fieldsImage
(343) President Clinton presents Helen Chavez with the Presidential Medal of FreedomImage
(1323) Cayento Esquival injured during the Coachella StrikeImage
(3168) Demostrations, Cesar Chavez, Imprisonment, Salinas, California, 1970Image
(3169) Vigil held on behalf of an imprisoned farm workerImage
(3170) Arrests, Religious Ceremonies, 1970s.Image
(3171) Arrests, Delano City Council, "Delano 29", 1973Image
(3172) Arrests, Demonstrations, Shop-Rite, Brooklyn, New York, 1970sImage
(3174) Field workers are released from jailImage
(3175) Sister Jean is arrested during a UFW demonstrationImage
(3176) A group of UFW demonstratorsImage
(3177) Workers in front of a field office damaged by arson, location unknown, 1970sImage
(3179) An Anti-Teamster demonstration in Los AngelesImage
(3180) UFW demonstration during the InterHarvest StrikeImage
(3181) Protesters march to the Salinas CourthouseImage
(3182) D'Arrigo, Boycotts, New York, 1973Image
(3183) Elections, Demonstrations, 1973Image
(3185) UFW Demonstration in Keane, California, 1973Image
(3186) Demonstrations, 1973Image
(3187) Demonstrations, Grape Field, 1973Image
(3188) Demonstrations, 1973Image
(3189) A demonstrator holds a sign that reads "HUELGA UFW”Image
(3190) Protesters march for the United Farm Workers (UFW)Image
(3191) Pro-UFW sentiment is carved into a tree, 1972Image
(3192) A scene from the Kovacevitch picket lineImage
(3193) Demonstrations, Proposition 22, 1973Image
(3194) Demonstrations, Shell Oil, 1973Image
(3195) Demonstrations, Big Star, 1973Image
(3196) Francisco Gomez speaks with Calexico Strike demonstrators, 1973Image
(3197) Demonstrators and Sherrif Deputies meet during the Calexico Strike, 1973Image
(3198) Grape Strike demonstration at CoachellaImage
(3199) Grape Strike demonstration, Coachella ValleyImage
(3200) Marshall Ganz, Rallies, 1973Image
(3201) Demonstrations, Dole Corporation, 1973Image
(3202) Demonstrations, 1973Image
(3203) United Farm Workers Demonstration, 1973Image
(3204) UFW rally at Memorial Park, Delano, California, 1973Image
(3204) United Farm Workers rally at Memorial Park, Delano, CaliforniaImage
(3205) A man holds a flag during an unidentifed UFW demonstrationImage
(3206) A scene from the D'Arrigo boycottImage
(3207) D'Arrigo BoycottImage
(3208) D'Arrigo Boycott, 1973Image
(3210) D'Arrigo Boycot, Demonstrations, 1973Image
(3211) D'ArrigoBoycott, Safeway, 1973Image
(3214) D'Arrigo Boycott, 1973Image
(3215) D'Arrigo Boycott, 1973Image
(3216) D'Arrigo Boycott, Poli Gloria Memorial Center, 1972Image
(3217) D’Arrigo Boycott, 1973Image
(3218) D'Arrigo Boycott, Pickets, 1973Image
(3219) D'Arrigo Boycott, Imperial Valley, California, 1973Image