United Farm Workers of America (UFW)

 United Farm Workers of America (U.F.W. Logo image)

The United Farm Workers of America is the most influential farm-labor union in America. Founded in southern California, in the small San Joaquin Valley agricultural town of Delano in 1962, and led by Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and others, the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) has ceaselessly battled some of the most powerful forces in the agribusiness industry in an attempt to organize farm laborers, raise wages and improve working conditions. Currently Teresa Romero, former Secretary-Treasurer, heads the UFW and continues to work to organize farm workers.

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(254) Marches, Delano to Sacramento, Cesar Chavez, California, 1966Image
(255) Cesar Chavez, Pope Paul VI, Rome, Italy, 1974Image
(256) Pickets, AWOC, Grape Strike, California, 1966Image
(257) Pickets during the grape and lettuce strikeImage
(258) Strikers at the Paso RanchImage
(259) Pickets during the lettuce strike, 1973Image
(260) Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy, Constitutional Conventions, Fresno, CaliforniaImage
(261) Ethel Kennedy visits Cesar Chavez at the Salinas jailImage
(262) UAW donates to UFW executive boardImage
(263) Violence, Marta Rodriguez, Kern County Sheriff Department, 1973Image
(264) Violence, Frank Valenzuela, Kern County Sheriff Department, 1973Image
(265) Violence, Teamsters, Nagi Kobatte, 1973Image
(269) Cesar Chavez, Philippines, 1977Image
(270) Cesar Chavez, Philippines, Rice Field, 1977Image
(271) Cesar Chavez, Philippines, Rice Field, 1977Image
(272) Cesar Chavez, Philippines, Cannon, 1977Image
(273) Larry Itliong, Portrait, Delano, California,1969Image
(274) Portrait of Larry ItliongImage
(275) Larry Itliong surveys a picket lineImage
(276) Larry Itliong speaking at unknown eventImage
(277) Profile of Larry ItliongImage
(278) A demonstrator is arrested during the Coachella Strike, 1973Image
(279) A rally from the Coachella Strike, 1970Image
(280) Teamsters watch over the fields of the Coachella ValleyImage
(281) Canadian UAW members in support of striking farm workersImage
(282) Rally to support the Coachella StrikeImage
(287) Fred Ross Sr, Cesar Chavez, Demonstration, 1988Image
(288) Fred Ross, Cesar Chavez, Luis Valdez, and Dolores Huerta, c. 1980sImage
(289) Cesar Chavez at the UFW Constitutional Convention, 1973Image
( 291) A picketer being arrested by Kern County sheriff’s deputiesImage
(292) Jerry Brown, Cesar Chavez, La Paz, Keene, California, 1976Image
(293) Governor Jerry Brown addresses supporters of the United Farm WorkersImage
(303) Supporters of the Grape Boycott march through TorontoImage
(319) Andy Imutan, Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, and Robert KennedyImage
(319) Sen. Robert Kennedy, Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, and Andy Imutan, Delano, CaliforniaImage
(320) Senator Robert Kennedy and Dolores HuertaImage
(324) The funeral procession of Nagi DaifullahImage
(325) Mourners with the casket of Nagi Daifullah, 1973Image
(326) Arab mourners carry the casket of Nagi Daifullah enroute to his funrealImage
(328) The funeral of Rufino ContrerasImage
(329) Procession enroute to the funeral of Rufino ContrereaImage
(330) Community Service Organization (CSO), members, California Image
(333) Female farm workers in the fieldImage
(334) A female farm worker holding a flagImage
(335) A female farm worker in the fieldImage
(336) A scene from the San Luis strike, 1974Image
(337) A farm worker stacks crates of harvested grapesImage
(338) An open-air school for migrant farm worker's childrenImage
(339) Children harvest strawberriesImage
(340) Farm workers harvesting crops in a fieldImage