United Farm Workers of America (UFW)

 United Farm Workers of America (U.F.W. Logo image)

The United Farm Workers of America is the most influential farm-labor union in America. Founded in southern California, in the small San Joaquin Valley agricultural town of Delano in 1962, and led by Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and others, the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) has ceaselessly battled some of the most powerful forces in the agribusiness industry in an attempt to organize farm laborers, raise wages and improve working conditions. Currently Teresa Romero, former Secretary-Treasurer, heads the UFW and continues to work to organize farm workers.

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(31401) Cesar Chavez, Shirley Temple Black, Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, California, 1984Image
(31453) Cesar Chavez, Pete Seeger in Washington DC, 1974Image
(31813) Cesar Chavez, Andy Boy Boycott, 1980sImage
(31870) Poster & Graphics, "Huelga," 1970sImage
(31871) Posters & Graphics, Benefit Concert, Baez, Tjader, SeteImage
(31872) Posters & Graphics, Union Label, 1970sImage
(31873) Posters & Graphics, Boycotts, Pesticides, New York, 1976Image
(31874) Poster & Graphics, Proposition 14, Voter Campaigns, 1976Image
(31875) Emiliano Zapata, Tierra Y Libertad, Méndez Image
(31876) Greene, Chavez, Steinem, Fundraisers, Migrant Worker Health Care, 1968Image
(31877) Posters & Graphics, Politics, Voting RIghts, 1977Image
(31878) Posters & Graphics, Farm Worker Week, Martyrs, 1980Image
(31879) Posters & Graphics, VIolence, Grape Boycott, Boston Demonstration, 1970sImage
(31880) Posters & Graphics, "Si Se Puede En Indiana Conference," 1970sImage
(31881) Posters & Graphics, "United Farm Workers Great Lakes Mobilization", 1970sImage
(33277) Union Offices, La Paz, 1970sImage
(33278) Union Offices, La Paz, 1970sImage
(33280) Chavez, Fasts, La Paz, Children, 1972Image
(33914) UFW, Boycotts, Michigan, Demonstrations, 1960sImage
(33915) UFW, Boycotts, Michigan, Demonstrations, 1960sImage
Agbayani Village dedication speakers, June 1974.Image
(37198) UFW, Staff, Orendain, Itlion, Huerta, Chavez, Delano, 1969Image
(38505) Fast for Non-Violence, Catholic Church, California, 1968Image
(38253) UFW, Texas, Pickets, 1967Image
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