United Farm Workers of America (UFW)

 United Farm Workers of America (U.F.W. Logo image)

The United Farm Workers of America is the most influential farm-labor union in America. Founded in southern California, in the small San Joaquin Valley agricultural town of Delano in 1962, and led by Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and others, the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) has ceaselessly battled some of the most powerful forces in the agribusiness industry in an attempt to organize farm laborers, raise wages and improve working conditions. Currently Teresa Romero, former Secretary-Treasurer, heads the UFW and continues to work to organize farm workers.

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(5864) Visitors at Agbayani Village, circa 1970sImage
(5866) Father Jack O'Malley is arrested during a UFW demonstrationImage
(5868) UFW picketer arrested near Roberto Poso RanchImage
(5869) UFW picketer arrested at demonstrationImage
(5870) Organizers for the Los Angeles Boycott, 1969Image
(5871) Pickets near Earlimont, California, 1969Image
(5872) Grape Boycott picketsImage
(5873) California Governor Jerry BrownImage
(5874) Celebrities speak to the press in support of the "Fast for Life"Image
(5875) Celebrities show support for the 1988 "Fast for Life"Image
(5877) Volunteers for the United Farm Workers (UFW) Union, circa 1960sImage
(5878) Cesar Chavez, Demonstrations, 1969Image
(5879) Contract Negotiations, S.A. Camp, 1970Image
(5887) Portrait of Joseph Di GiorgioImage
(6651) A farm labor campImage
(7116) Farm workers harvest lettuceImage
(7118) Living Conditions, Farm Labor CampImage
(7444) The Filipino American Political Association (FAPA) ConventionImage
(7445) Larry Itliong and Dick Ginnold speak with Brazilian farm workersImage
(7446) Larry ItliongImage
(7447) Larry Itliong, Al Green, Delano, California, 1965.Image
(7448) Pete Velasco, Larry Itliong, and Cesar Chavez, 1968Image
(7449) A meeting between UFW officers and Ron DellamsImage
(7450) Portrait of Pete Velasco, 1969Image
(7451) Portrait of Pete VelascoImage
(7452) Filipino American Political Association (FAPA) ConventionImage
(7453) Filipino Farm Workers, Delano, California, 1960sImage
(7454) Philip Vera Cruz attends a meetingImage
(7488) Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy, Cesar Chavez Image
(7489) Sen. Edward Kennedy, Second Grape Boycott, pledgeImage
(7491) Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy, "No on 22" rallyImage
(9921) Cesar Chavez and Bobby Seale give a press conference, 1972Image
(9922) Cesar Chavez and Bobby Seale meet students from Malcolm X Elementary, 1972Image
(11530) UAW, UFW, Grape Boycott, Long Beach, CaliforniaImage
(11935) UFW, Fasts, Fr. Mark Day, Mass, Delano, 1968Image
(26487) Richard Chavez, 1970sImage
(26488) Richrad Chavez, LeRoy Chatfield, National Farm Bureau, 1972Image
(26490) Richard Chavez, Larson, Coachella Strike, 1970sImage
(26779) UFW, Padilla, Kennedy, Yarborough, 1967Image
(26780) UFW, Padilla, Lettuce Boycott, 1970sImage
(26781) UFW, Padilla, Portraits, 1960sImage
(26782) UFW, Padilla, Portrait, 1966Image
(26783) UFW, Padilla, Portrait, 1960sImage
(26786) UFW, Padilla, Abernathy, 1960sImage
(26787) UFW, Padilla, Lettuce Boycott, 1972Image
(27876) UFW, Staff, Orendain, Chavez, Delano, 1969Image
(28205) Dolores Huerta, Robert Kennedy, United Farm Workers, Ceasar Chavez breaking of the fastImage
(28209) Caesar Chavez, UFW officialsImage
(28273) Ethnic Communities, Latin American, Demonstrations, 1971Image
(28562) UFW, Boycotts, Montreal, Leaflets, 1960sImage