Educational Change

God, the Constitution, and Schools Speeches
Graduation Speech Speeches
Great Lakes Regional Conference Speeches
Great Lakes Regional Conference: "Lessons for Life" Speeches
Greetings from the AFT to the Annual Convention of IFFTU Speeches
Hearing to Examine Crime and Violence in Schools Speeches
Herbert Lehman Lecture: A Revolution that is Overdue Speeches
House Committee on Education and Labor on H.R. 950 Speeches
House Committee on Ways and Means Speeches
House Education Committee Speeches
How to Improve the Schools…Ask the Kids Speeches
HR 4130 Teacher Training and Recruitment Speeches
If You Do Not Have 'Stakes' You Have a World Where Nothing Counts Speeches
International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans Speeches
Israel and Histadrut: A Great Social Laboratory Speeches
Keynote Address, Pittsburgh Convention Speeches
Labor Education, Local 189, and the AFT Speeches
Labor issues Speeches
Labor/Higher Education Council Speeches
League of Industrial Democracy Speech: I.S. 201 Speeches
Lifting the Profession: Teachers and Schools for the New Millenium Speeches
Little Rock Economic Conference Speeches
Local President's Conference Speeches
Louisiana Federation of Teachers convention Speeches
Meeting and Question and Answer Speeches
Michigan Quest 2000 Speeches
NAGB's Proposed Definition of Mathmatics Achievement Levels Speeches
National Committee for the Handicapped Awards Banquet Speeches
National Council for Families and Television Speech Speeches
National Governor's Association Speeches
National Institute of Education Speeches
National School Board Association Speeches
National School Board Association Convention Speeches
Needed: More Teacher Strikes Speeches
NEISNET Speech Speeches
New Areas of Collective Bargaining and the Public Interest Speeches
New York State Education Committee Speeches
New York State United Teachers (NYSUT): "Making of a Profession" Speeches
Normal Collective Bargaining Procedures vs. Special Procedures for Teachers Speeches
NYSUT Representative Assembly 1993 Speeches
Office of the United States Trade Representative Speeches
Only Connect Speeches
Organized Labor and the School Crisis Speeches
Organizing Media Speeches
Our Schools in the Light of Today's Challenges and Tensions Speeches
Pacific North West Regional Conference Speeches
Paraprofessional Related Personnel Conference Speeches
Pennsylvania House of Representatives Speeches
Policy Choices and Consequences Speeches
Primary and Secondary Education Speeches
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