If You Do Not Have 'Stakes' You Have a World Where Nothing Counts Speeches
Israel and Histadrut: A Great Social Laboratory Speeches
Italian-American Labor Council Speeches
Keynote Address to the Ohio Federation of Teachers Speeches
Keynote Address, Pittsburgh Convention Speeches
Labor Education, Local 189, and the AFT Speeches
Lifting the Profession: Teachers and Schools for the New Millenium Speeches
Little Rock Economic Conference Speeches
Local President's Conference Speeches
Making Teaching a True Profession Speeches
Meeting and Question and Answer Speeches
Michigan Quest 2000 Speeches
NAGB's Proposed Definition of Mathmatics Achievement Levels Speeches
National Conference on Achievement Testing and Basic Skills Speeches
Needed: More Teacher Strikes Speeches
New Areas of Collective Bargaining and the Public Interest Speeches
Normal Collective Bargaining Procedures vs. Special Procedures for Teachers Speeches
NYSUT Representative Assembly 1993 Speeches
Only Connect Speeches
Our Schools in the Light of Today's Challenges and Tensions Speeches
Primary and Secondary Education Speeches
Reducing Poverty in America Speeches
Remarks at the JFK School of Government, Harvard University Institute on Labor-Management Cooperation in School Districts Speeches
Remarks of Charles Cogen Speeches
Remarks to the Century Foundation Conference Speeches
S. 1675 and Other Measures Relating to Federal Teacher Training Speeches
Saving Our Public Schools; Steps Toward Reform Speeches
Scripts for "Education Watch" on Radio America Speeches
Setting Grade Level Acheivement Goals on NAEP Exams Speeches
Sharing Our Future; Teacher Preparation As Seen By Practicing Teachers Speeches
Speech before the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) Speeches
Speech to HUD, Community 2020 Seminar Series Speeches
Speech to the Commonwealth Club of California Speeches
Spring Conference Speech Speeches
Stakes Speech at the Brookings Institute Speeches
State of the Union Address Speeches
Statement For the Annual High School Debate Series Speeches
Strikeless Strikes by Teachers Speeches
Teacher Power: Force for Progress Speeches
Teacher Recruitment Speeches
Teachers and AFT at the Crossroads Speeches
Teachers Rights and Responsibilities Speeches
Teachers, Unions, and Society Speeches
Ten AFT Strikes Speeches
Testimony before the Committee on Education and Labor Speeches
Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee Speeches
The Case for Radical School Reform Speeches
The Cogen-Progressive Administration Speeches
The Collective Bargaining Story in New York City Speeches
The Education Continuum: Developing the Partnership Speeches
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