Civil rights--America

J. Edward Bailey III Photographs Abstracts
Charles Cheng Papers Abstracts
Mildred Jeffrey Papers Abstracts
David Scribner Papers Abstracts
UAW Public Relations Department Photographs and Sound and Video Recordings Abstracts
Walter P. Reuther - Walter P. Reuther (1963 Speech) Audio
50 Years Later: the Kerner Commission and the Poor People's Campaign Blog entry
African Americans and the UAW Blog entry
Collection Spotlight: Ramon S. Scruggs, Sr. Papers Blog entry
Eleanor Josaitis — Hands Across the Racial Divide Blog entry
Hidden Gem: A.G. and Marie Mezerik Papers Blog entry
Viola Liuzzo Sculpture Dedicated In Detroit Blog entry
Wayne Alumna Viola Gregg Liuzzo Honored for Her Work as a Civil Rights Activist Blog entry
(30577) Civil Rights, Segregation, Demonstrations, Police Violence, 1963 Image
(30584) Coretta Scott King, Reverend Lowry, Ben Hooks, Martin Luther King March 25th Anniversary, Justice for Janitors, 1988 Image
(30609) Album Artwork, March on Washington, Civil Rights Demonstrations, 1963 Image
(31299) SEIU Civil Rights Committee,1961 Image
(32000) Governor George Romney, Anthony Liuzzo, Detroit, 1965 Image
(32013) Labor and Civil Rights Illustration, The Public Employee, 1968. Image
(32693) AFSCME Local 420 members board bus for Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, 1957 Image
(32830) Civil Rights March on Edmund Pettus Bridge, Alabama Image
(37290) Association of Black Students, Jackson State College Fundraiser, 1970 Image
(46777) The Great March To Freedom, LP cover Image
[Podcast] Race and Rebellion: Reexamining the Unlearned Lessons of the Kerner Report a Half Century Later Podcasts
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