Sanitation Workers Strike, Memphis, Tenn., 1968

AFSCME Communications Department Records Abstracts
AFSCME Local 1733: Memphis, Tennessee Records Abstracts
AFSCME Office of the President: Jerry Wurf Records Abstracts
Nelson Jones Interview - AFSCME Memphis Local 1733 Sanitation Strike Audio
1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blog entry
June 7 at 6:30 pm: Photographer Richard Copley and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike Blog entry
Moment of Silence for Memphis Sanitation Workers Blog entry
Now on view: All Labor Has Dignity: The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike, Photographs by Richard L. Copley Blog entry
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. Blog entry
Web Exhibit Announcement: I AM a Man Blog entry
AFL-CIO letter to Tennessee Council on Human Relations, 1968 Documents
AFSCME Ciampa letter to C. Blackburn, Memphis, 1968 Documents
AFSCME Local 1733 contract, 1968 Documents
AFSCME Memo, Ciampa to Wurf, Memphis, 1968 Documents
AFSCME memo, Fitzpatrick to Ames, Michigan donations, 1968 Documents
AFSCME memo, Tom Fitzpatrick to Michigan locals regarding Memphis strike, 1968 Documents
AFSCME News Release, Leaders found in contempt Documents
AFSCME Sanitation Workers' Strike, Blueprint for Action Documents
Apology from Memphis sanitation workers to citizens of Memphis, 1968 Documents
Letter, AFL-CIO Regional Director to Baxton Bryant, Memphis Sanitation Strike, 1968 Documents
Memorial Program for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memphis, 1968 Documents
Memphis Sanitation Strike Strategy Committee letter Documents
Proposed Agreement, AFSCME Local 1733 Memphis, 1965 Documents
Richard Copley Event Flyer Image
(3712) Wurf and King, Memphis Image
(7482) Wurf and Reuther march for King Image
(7483) Memphis Local 1733 picket Image
(7484) Memphis sanitation workers strike Image
(7485) AFSCME leaders in contempt of court, Memphis Image
(7486) Police mace Memphis strikers Image
(7487) St. Louis AFSCME workers support Memphis Image
(7529) AFSCME staffers watch King in Memphis Image
(7530) Lunch for sanitation workers Image
(8883) Seated strikers Image
(8884) Contract ratified, Memphis Image
(8885) I AM a Man Image
(8886) I AM a Man Image
(8887) King speaks in Memphis Image
(8888) King in Memphis Image
(8889) Ciampa maced Image
(8890) Dignity sought in Memphis Image
(8891) King in Memphis Image
(8892) Victory in Memphis Image
(8893) King family, Memphis Image
(8894) National Guard, Memphis Image
(8895) King speaks in Memphis Image
(8896) March for King Image
(8897) AFSCME marches for King Image
(8898) Wurf, Reuther mourn King Image
(11380) Senator Ted Kennedy honors Martin Luther King, Jr. Image
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