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UAW Aerospace Department Records Part II Now Open

(45940) Aerospace Workers Construct Apollo Spaceships

Watching footage of NASA’s space shuttles blasting off and orbiting the globe, did you realize you were looking at union-made vehicles? Just like a Corvette or F-150, those spaceships (along with their giant orange boosters) were built by union labor, represented by the UAW.

The newly opened addition to the UAW Aerospace Department Records shines a light on the industry side of aerospace.  read more »

UAW CAP Department Records Part II Now Open

Register to vote flyer

The Reuther Library is happy to announce the opening of an addition to the UAW Community Action Program (CAP) Department Records. These new records offer insights into elections from 1960-1972, with an emphasis on political races in Metro Detroit.  read more »

Remembering Walter and May Reuther

(822) May and Walter Reuther

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the tragic passing of Walter and May Reuther. As we solemnly commemorate this event, we also celebrate the lives of two individuals who dedicated so much to the labor movement and transformed society throughout America and abroad.  read more »

In Memoriam: Owen Bieber (1929-2020)

(24762) Bieber Remembers King

UAW President Emeritus Owen Bieber passed away yesterday, on February 17, 2020. Bieber was a respected figure in the labor movement, known for his commitment to civil rights and steady leadership during turbulent times for organized labor.  read more »

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