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Collection Spotlight: Michigan Commission on Displaced Persons

DP's Arriving in Detroit...Detroit Times November 1, 1948

We’ve gathered hundreds of collections in our nearly 50 years, so sometimes even we forget what amazing things that are in our stacks. The Michigan Commission on Displaced Persons Records is certainly not our most popular collection, but it is particularly relevant given the current climate in our country.  read more »

100 Years of the American Federation of Teachers

(11854) Detroit Federation of Teachers, Local 231

On May 9, 1916 the American Federation of Labor issued a charter to the American Federation of Teachers. For 100 years the AFT has shaped the conversation on public education, the American labor movement, civil and human rights as well as the true value of democracy in our society. The AFT started with 8 locals that represented fewer than 5,000 teachers across the country and now represents 1.6 million teachers, paraprofessionals, public employees and health care workers.  read more »

Digital Collection Announcement: Antecedents to Education Reform Historical Collection

Teachers strike, pickets, Detroit, Michigan

Students around the country will be heading back to school in the coming weeks, and with the upcoming presidential election, debate about public education in America is increasingly in the news. The Walter P. Reuther Library and the Wayne State University Library System are pleased to announce a recently launched digital collection to contribute documentary evidence to this debate: “The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Antecedents to Education Reform Historical Collection.”  read more »

Fieldwork with the AFT archivist

(28917) File cabinet, Cleveland, Ohio 2012

Another city, another hotel, and another office with documents ready to be appraised and brought to the archive. Sounds mundane, but within these trips there is the element of surprise. What will the file cabinets and dusty boxes contain? Will those in charge of the files be willing to give full access to everything or just one room? What type of work environment will I be in? Are the files ordered or a jumbled mess? What has already been thrown away? Will there be coffee? You never really know what you will find even after speaking with your contact. This is the life of the field archivist.  read more »

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