(46596) Chavez-Thompson, LCLAA Image
(46605) McEntee, Anti-Apartheid Rally Image
(46607) Lucy, Robinson, Anti-Apartheid rally Image
(46608) AFSCME Sharp Nurses get contract, 1998 Image
(46609) Uncle Sam, SPNN-UNAC, AFSCME nurses Image
(46655) AFSCME Convention, Philadelphia, pins Image
(46656) AFSCME Convention, Philadelphia, pins Image
(46659) AFSCME rally, District Council 33, Philadelphia Image
(46660) AFSCME Convention, Philadelphia rally, McEntee Image
(46674) San Jose, pay equity, strike, grill Image
(46677) San Jose, pay equity, strike, urn Image
(46695) George Tillman, William Mirengoff in Memphis, 1968 Image
(46696) Letter regarding Marvin Fleming, Washington, DC, 1968 Image
(46699) AFSCME Local 1 Washington, D.C. members Image
(46711) AFSCME Convention Family Feud Image
(46712) AFSCME Council 47 at Convention Image
(46713) AFSCME Convention, Gore, "Green TV" Image
(46717) AFSCME Colorado strike, 1977 Image
(46719) AFSCME Local 1746 Sunny Acres Hospital agreement Image
(46726) Detroit City Hall, Public Servants Week Image
(46727) Public Employees Week, West Virginia, 1962 Image
(46728) Public Employees Week, Detroit, AFSCME Council 77, 1962 Image
(46735) Gerald McEntee Image
(46736) AFSCME Headquarters, Saunders Image
(46737) McEntee, Jordan, AFSCME Convention Image
(46738) AFSCME Convention, Glazer, Music Image
(46740) AFSCME Convention, PEOPLE Fun Run, McEntee Image
(46764) AFSCME UPW strike, Hawaii, 1979 Image
(46774) Okata and McEntee Image
(46775) HGEA/AFSCME Local 152 officers Image
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