Labor unions

UAW Washington Office Legislative Department: Donald Montgomery Records Abstracts
UAW Washington Office Legislative Department: Samuel Jacobs and Paul Sifton Records Abstracts
UAW Washington Office: Stephen Schlossberg Records Abstracts
UAW Women's Auxiliaries Records Abstracts
UAW Women's Department Records Abstracts
UAW Women's Department: Dorothy Haener Records Abstracts
UAW Women's Department: Lillian Hatcher Records Abstracts
UFW Administration Department Records Abstracts
FBI File on Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Abstracts
UFW Hawaii Boycott Committee Records Abstracts
UFW Louisiana Boycott: New Orleans Office Records Abstracts
UFW New Jersey Boycott: Jersey City Office Records Abstracts
UFW Office of the President: Arturo Rodriguez Records Abstracts
UFW Ohio Boycott Records Abstracts
UFW Organizing Committee (UFWOC) Records Abstracts
UFW Public Relations: Jocelyn Sherman Records Abstracts
UFW Missouri Boycott Records Abstracts
Union Minorities/Women Leadership Training Project Records Abstracts
United Office and Professional Workers of America Local 26 Records Abstracts
United Rubber Workers Records Abstracts
United Transport Service Employees Records Abstracts
Utah Phillips Papers Abstracts
Fred Valle Papers Abstracts
Mary Van Kleeck Papers Abstracts
Charles and Jennie Velsek Papers Abstracts
Philip Vera Cruz Papers Abstracts
Albert Verri Papers Abstracts
John Walsh Papers Abstracts
Joe Walton Papers Abstracts
Thomas Ward Papers Abstracts
Joe Weaver Papers Abstracts
Truda Weil Papers Abstracts
Nat Weinberg Papers Abstracts
Max Weinrib Papers Abstracts
Morris Weisz Papers Abstracts
Marianna Wells Papers Abstracts
Western Federation of Miners Records Abstracts
Western Federation of Miners: Calumet-Hecla Strike Records Abstracts
Mike Westfall Papers Abstracts
Walter Westman Papers Abstracts
Mary R. Wheeler Papers Abstracts
Charles White Papers Abstracts
Ernest J. White Papers Abstracts
Agnes Wieck Papers Abstracts
Robert Wiederaenders Papers Abstracts
Myra Wolfgang Papers Abstracts
American Association of Flint & Lime Glass Manufacturers Records Abstracts
Wayne State University Staff Association Records Abstracts
Captain J. H. Wylie Papers Abstracts
Cornelius J. Yaklin Papers Abstracts
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