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Wayne State University Finance Department Assistant Vice President Alfred M. Pelham RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Financial ReportsAbstracts
Jennie Fleming PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University Foreign Student Advising Office: Director's RecordsAbstracts
William Fredrick PapersAbstracts
Gamma Delta Psi RecordsAbstracts
Hazel E. Graham PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University Office of Graduate Studies RecordsAbstracts
George W. Hare PapersAbstracts
Harold Mack, M.D. PapersAbstracts
James Hartway ScoresAbstracts
Leslie L. Hanawalt PapersAbstracts
Ronald W. Haughton PapersAbstracts
Samuel Halperin PapersAbstracts
David Herreshoff PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University Health and Physical Education Division RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Health Service Annual ReportsAbstracts
Grace Hill PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University Historic Advisory Committee RecordsAbstracts
W. Sprague Holden PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University Honorary Degree Committee: Leonard Leone, Chairman RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Information Center RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Information Services RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations Area Manpower Institute for Development of Staff RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Office of Information Services Office of the Director: Leontine Cadieux RecordsAbstracts
Alpheus F. Jennings PapersAbstracts
Mark L. Kahn PapersAbstracts
J.B. Kennedy PapersAbstracts
Kurt Keydel PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University Kresge-Hooker Science Library Associates RecordsAbstracts
Aaron A. Kutnick PapersAbstracts
Florence E. Kuhn PapersAbstracts
Edward H. Lauppe PapersAbstracts
Lewis B. Larkin PapersAbstracts
Roland T. Lakey PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University Law School Dean's Office, Charles Joiner RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Law School PublicationsAbstracts
Wayne State University Law School Student DirectoriesAbstracts
C. Henri Leonard, M.D. PapersAbstracts
Madeleine M. Leininger PapersAbstracts
Samuel M. Levin PapersAbstracts
Willard R. Lenz PapersAbstracts
Orville F. Linck PapersAbstracts
Wayne State University College of Education Library Science Department RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts: Gordon Grosscup Student-Faculty Board RecordsAbstracts
Wayne State University Library Science Alumni Association NewslettersAbstracts
Wayne State University Library Science Student Association PublicationsAbstracts
Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science PublicationsAbstracts
Wayne University College of Liberal Arts Counseling Services RecordsAbstracts
Paul Lutzeier PapersAbstracts
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